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The Beating Heart of
the Bronx

Welcome to Fordham Plaza, the beating heart of the Bronx! What once was just a crossing has transformed into a vibrant community hub bursting with culture, cuisine, and connection. 

Spearheaded by MASC Hospitality Group and the iconic Bronx Night Market, this space is a testament to what happens when community dreams turn into reality. Dive into our story of revival and become part of the ongoing narrative that makes Fordham Plaza truly unique.

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The Cafe At Fordham

Welcome to Fordham Plaza Cafe!

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Step into a world where modern aesthetics meet industrial chic, capturing the eclectic spirit of the Bronx. From graffiti-inspired art to cozy corners, The Cafe celebrates the rich arts, culture, and cuisine of the Bronx.

Cafe Locale


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Saturdays come alive at Fordham Plaza every month between April and October. Our diverse programming caters to food enthusiasts, booklovers, fashion seekers and healthy champions.


 First Saturdays 

Bronx Night Market

The Bronx Night Market returns every first Saturday  of the month at Fordham Plaza. A tradition created from the love of culture, cuisine and community.  The market introduces global flavors, celebrates innovation and drive

 Second Saturdays 

Literature & Local Artistry

The literary and artist community is buzzing in the Bronx. Fordham Plaza will transform every second Saturday for presentations and showcases championing local literary giants and creators.

 Third Saturdays 

Bronx Vegan Bazaar

Every third Saturday, the Bronx Vegan Bazaar promises more than just exquisite plant-based delectables but also an atmosphere that encourages healthy and fun practices. Come engage in workshops, yoga and energetic dance parties.

 Fourth Saturdays 

Bronx Eats Market

On fourth Saturdays, let’s celebrate  the diverse food culture of the Bronx, this culinary festival features cooking demos, tastings, and educational sessions. Local chefs and culinary experts share their knowledge and skills, offering insights into different cuisines and cooking techniques.


 Incubator Kiosks 

The Fordham Plaza Kiosk Incubator Program is dedicated to bolstering the local food scene by spotlighting the finest local and small-scale vendors from the Bronx, offering a springboard for emerging culinary talents to shine.

Our mission prioritizes diversity, quality, and innovation, with a special focus on uplifting local entrepreneurs and small businesses. We assemble a dynamic, rotating lineup of vendors that promise visitors a fresh and flavorful experience with every visit.

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“Our ode to the savory”

A kiosk that spans the spectrum of cuisines, celebrating everything from the Bronx's heritage flavors to boundary-pushing dishes.

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“Confectionery haven”

Our showcase of a tempting selection of sweets, pastries, and artisanal treats crafted by the borough's finest bakers and dessert makers.

Join us at the kiosks at Fordham Plaza!  

An outdoor café space for daytime browsers to evening gastronomes and late-night snackers right in the heart of the Bronx!



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